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Designed for the home, this handy little ice-maker from SnoMaster’ offers space-saving, convenient and efficient operation and AC power for camper or caravan use.

Applications: Commercial / Domestic

Space Saving Option That Fits Anywhere

Measuring 414 mm tall and 360 mm wide and weighing 17.2 Kg, the SnoMaster’ home Ice-Maker conveniently fits on the kitchen counter, in your bar, or in your caravan.

Easy to Use with Multiple Options

Select your preferred ice cube size setting and sit back and relax while your Snomaster ice machine runs in the background.

Efficient And Hassle-free

Leave your machine running while you get on with your day. Handy alerts let you know when you need to top up with water or when your ice bucket is full. It really is that simple.


3 Cube Size Selection. Ice Cube Size: S 25, M 28, L 30. 12 Cubes per Cycle. Add water function

Bullet Ice. Dianoetic Check on Start-up. Drain Point. Ice full sensor. Portable

Removable Ice Bucket. Stainless Steel Finish. Stainless Steel Hinge Pins

Specifications: Dimensions (mm)

Unit: (H) 415 (W) 380 (D) 400. Packaged: (H) 470 (W) 430 (D) 450. Storage Volume: 1.4Kg

Ice Making Capacity: 15Kg/24h. Net Weight: 17.2Kg. Climate Class: T. Protection Class: I

Voltage: 230V/50Hz. Total Input Power: 110W. Rated Current: 1.0A. Refrigerant: R600a/28g


Water treated with Reverse Osmosis purification often gives a false water indicator. Rather use filtered mineralised water. Ice cycle time is dependent on water temperature. Clean and drain the unit at least once or twice a month. Milton or 10ml vinegar can be added to the water to help the cleaning process.

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