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Camel Milk's Organic Camel Milk Powder (100mg) is produced from free-roaming camels that browse on natural vegetation in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa.

  • One of the most nutritious and ethically produced milks available in South Africa - natural whole milk, nothing added and nothing removed
  • Lacto-vegetarian and non-GMO
  • Camel's milk contains more Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium than cow's milk
  • Research suggests that camel's milk prevents diabetes, improves immune system, stimulates circulation, treats autism, lessens allergic reactions, promotes growth and development, protects against certain autoimmune diseases and boosts heart health
  • Slightly sweet and creamy, camel's milk tastes similar to cow's milk, but is free from Beta-lactoglobulin (main allergen in cow's milk) and has more powerful nutrients
  • Mixing ratio: Milk Powder 1:10 Water
  • The powder is packed in a sealed container which allows it to stay fresh for months


Organic non-GMO camel milk

Directions for use

Mix the Organic Camel Milk Powder with water (ratio - Milk Powder 1:10 Water). 

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