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Tree of Life's Argan Oil (20ml) has a unique, rich and complex composition that holds various healing properties.

  • Pure and organic
  • Used for hair, skin and nail care
  • Used as a massage oil
  • Face: nourishes, moisturises, reduces fine lines, regulates oil, treats acne, reduces scarring, evens out skin tone
  • Hair: revitalises and nourishes scalp and hair
  • Body: nourishes, moisturises, reduces stretch marks and scarring
  • Nails: strengthens and repairs


Pure and organic Argan Oil

Directions for use

Apply 7-10 drops to facial skin, twice daily.
Apply 3-5 drops to hair according to length after washing or massage into scalp and leave overnight.
Apply generously to affected areas of the body as often as required.
Massage into nails & cuticles.

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