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AllisOne brings you lactose-free and sugar-free triple strength tissue salt blends known as synergies. AllisOne products are free of all animal derivatives and suitable for everyone including vegans, vegetarians, diabetics and even children! The popular AllisOne synergies come in either a 60-tablet bottle or 180 tablet bottles. Synergies are carefully formulated, combining individual tissue salts to achieve specific and effective results. Browse the range of tissue salt synergies in the collection below.


AllisOne's Beauty Synergy (180 tablets) is a carefully formulated blend of tissue salts to rejuvenate ageing skin, counteract skin blemishes, dryness, itchiness or oiliness AND strengthen hair and nails.

  • Enhances skin, hair & nails of all ages and conditions
  • Reduces wrinkles and firms’ mature skin
  • Supports elastic tissues, collagen and the connective tissues
  • Helps to restore balance and counteract skin blemishes, dryness, itchiness or oiliness
  • Use as a regular skin tonic
  • Economical one tablet dose to combat skin, hair and nail conditions
  • Lactose and sugar free (Vegan and diabetic friendly), suitable for animals, diabetics and children


Beauty Synergy contains the equivalent of six individual tissue salts: Kali Mur D6, Calc Fluor D6, Kali Sulph D6, Nat Phos D6, Silicea D6, Nat Mur D6

Directions for use

Tissue salts may be taken preventatively, as well as for acute and chronic conditions, according to dosage. Use for a period of time in order to achieve results.

  • Adults and Children: Chew or dissolve one tablet in the mouth twice a day
  • Babies & toddlers: One tablet a day (may be crushed & added to food or a bottle) 
  • Acute conditions: Take one tablet every 1/2 hour until symptoms subside.
  • Teenage or Adult Acne: Use Beauty Synergy together with Calc Sulph or Pure Synergy


Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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