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A great example of when beauty meets functionality, this gorgeous dual-compartment stainless steel fridge/freezer is built with durability and flexibility in mind and can make for the ideal camping fridge or freezer.

Part of our Low-Profile Line-up, this deceptively compact beauty doubles as a great portable fridge for outdoor get-togethers or as a handy outdoor freezer.

Multi-Purpose Convenience

This convenient dual-purpose fridge/freezer comes with interchangeable dual compartments that can be used either as a fridge and freezer combo, dual freezers, or dual fridges. Each side is cooled individually so you can chill your beverages on one side, and freeze perishables such as meat or fish on the other side.

Made To Last

The Snomaster 92.5L Dual Compartment Fridge Freezer sports a sturdy stainless-steel cabinet, supported by matching stainless steel hinges, locks, and handles. It is able to withstand variable off-road conditions and is designed to resist corrosion for a longer-lasting camping and traveling companion.

High-Performance Compressor

Powered by a 66-watt compressor specifically designed to operate under higher ambient temperatures, this high-performance fridge/freezer will quietly work in the background without any complaint, whether indoors or out.


3 Speed Setting – High, Auto & Low. Baskets Included. Corner feet with mounting hole. Dual Compartment

Interchangeable Temperature Controller. Interchangeable compartments. Internal LED Light. Lid Open Alarm

Low Profile. Low Voltage Cut Out Setting (10, 10.7, 11.8V). Removable Lids. Solar Powered Remote Control Included

Stainless Steel Cabinet. Stainless Steel Hinges, Locks and Handles. Bottle Opener included. Fits perfectly under Tourney Covers. Extended Warranty available. Polyurethane Insulation 70mm, Secure Input & Output Plugs

Transit bag included. 3 Year Unit Warranty. 66-Watt Snomaster Compressor. 7 Year Compressor Warranty.

Specifications: Dimensions (mm)

Unit: (H) 465 (W) 990 (D) 575. Packaged: (H) 530 (W) 1015 (D) 600. Storage Volume Left: 41L. Storage Volume Right: 51.5L. Temp Range: -22?C to 10?C. Net Weight: 39.5Kg. Climate Class: T. Protection Class: I. Voltage AC: 230V/50Hz

Voltage DC: 12V/24V. Rated Current AC/DC: 1.0A. Refrigerant: R134a/60g. Foaming Agent: Cyclopentane





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