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Size: 800/820 W x 470/510 D x 535 H
Capacity: 75 Litres
Weight: 30kg
Single Compartment
Wireless Controller (Solar Powered)
Applications: Used in higher ambient conditions and were battery y is paramount

·         220/12volt fridge or freezer double door

·         Stainless Steel

·         70mm polyurethane insulation

·         Temp Variance: -22?C to 10?C

·         Digital thermostat

·         Interchangeable compartment settings

·         Internal power supply

·         Polyurethane insulation

·         5 amps on high speed, 2.5 amps on low speed. Also has auto setting

·         Voltage Cut out can be set between 10 & 11.5 Volts

·         Bottle opener

·         70mm insulation allows for more efficient cool down period and allows unit to maintain lower temperature for longer periods in a higher ambient environment

·         Stainless Steel cabinet allow the polyurethane to be injected under high pressure, giving better insulation

·         Wireless controller enables the unit to be operated remotely (Solar Powered)

·         Transit bag and baskets are included in price

·         Larger Compressor allows for better cooling efficiency over a 24hour cycle

·         Auto function will allow the unit to scroll between running amps

·         7-year Warranty on Snomaster 66-Watt Compressor

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