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Suitable for Full Bathroom.

·         Gas Type - LPG

·         Gas Pressure: 2800 Pa/2000 Pa/2.8 kPa

·         Low Water Pressure Start (0.25 Bar) But Needs 1.5 Bar for Max Output

·         Means of Exhaust: By Flue Pipe

·         Control Method: Fully Automatic

·         Automatic Flame Failure Protection, Over Temperature & Over Pressure Protection

·         Over Heating Prevention and Anti-Frost Function

·         Protection Against Blow Out Combustion and Hard Water

·         20 Minutes Built-in Time Device and Indicator

·         Double Pulse Ignition System with High Ignition

Capacity:16L per minute

Consumption: 3kg/hr

Size:(H) 776mm x (W) 446mm x (D) 224mm

Efficiency**N. B   When using the units with mixer taps, the water system must be

balanced i.e. cold-Water pressure should be lower than the hot

water pressure when it comes to the Mixing chamber.

This is especially important when single handle mixer taps are used