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AFRO Indigenous Beard Balm (18 g) is the perfect product for gentlemen who wish to enhance the condition of their facial hair and maintain a groomed look.

·         Moisturises and hydrates the skin and facial hair

·         Promotes soft skin and hair

·         Stimulates healthy hair growth

·         Treats wounds, abrasions, cuts, infections 

·         Enables easy facial hair styling

·         Dispenser used to promote products beautifully on your store's counter

Ingredients A blend of Beeswax, Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter & Sunflower Oil. Fragranced using African Helichrysum, African Wormwood, Rose Geranium and Cape Snowbush.

Directions for use

Apply Beard Balm to your facial hair in the morning to create the perfectly groomed look.

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