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Natural Help for Itchy Skin in Dogs and Cats (20 g)

  • Safe and effective homeopathic remedy for itchy skin in dogs & cats
  • Relieves itchy skin in dogs & cats & calms your pet
  • Stops constant scratching
  • Soothes skin allergies in pets
  • Helps to heal inflamed skin & hot spots
  • Allows fur to grow back & prevents bald patches

What are the Ingredients?

·         Allergy Itch Ease contains the following 100% homeopathic active ingredients in equal parts and in therapeutic dosage:

·         Arum triph (6C), Viola tri (6C), Comocladia (6C), Chamomilla (12C), Cina (6C), Sucrose (inactive ingredient).

·         Our products are animal-cruelty free and individual ingredients are well-researched and are natural, safe and effective.

Dosage: Sprinkle granules directly into the mouth and hold closed briefly.
Initial dose: every 30 minutes for up to 10 doses. Thereafter 3 times daily. May be discontinued if symptoms subside. 

Cats and small dogs: 1 pinch.
Small to medium dogs: 2 pinches.
Medium to large dogs: 1/4 capful. 

Note: May be used with Skin & Coat Tonic to support and strengthen the skin and maintain a shiny, healthy coat. May also be used along with AllergiClear Pets. While Allergy Itch ease reduces itching and soothes the skin, AllergiClear Pets will help to control the allergic reaction and act as a natural anti-histamine. 

Tips for managing itchy skin allergies in dogs & cats

·         Use a flea repellent recommended by your vet to keep fleas and ticks under control. It takes only one flea to cause a reaction in an allergic pet!

·         Feed your pet high quality food or an all-natural diet without preservatives, additives and colourants (see Doggobone Raw Active food and Vondi's at the Feelgood Health Shop in Westlake)

·         Avoid making sudden changes to your pet’s diet. Gradually introduce new foods and then monitor what effect they have on your pet

·         Include omega-3 fatty acid supplements or add sunflower or olive oil to your pet’s diet - helps to reduce itching and inflammation

·         Make sure that your pet’s coat is clean by bathing him when necessary with a soothing shampoo

·         Bathe your pet in oatmeal or Epsom salts to relieve itching

·         Use products specifically prescribed for your pet’s skin type and avoid using human and over-the-counter products

·         Make sure that pets with long haired coats are clipped or shaved to make bathing easier

·         Brush your dog or cat’s coat daily to prevent matting and increase circulation

·         Avoid exposing your pet to allergens and irritants such as pollen, dust mites, chemicals, household detergents, pesticides or fertilizers

·         Keep your pet’s living area clean by disinfecting regularly

Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. Please consult your veterinarian if symptoms persist. 

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