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Tentco Extreme Coolers feature extreme insulation for long-lasting ice.

Ice lasts up to 7 days-Performance dependents on ambient temperature, how often the cooler is opened etc.

Superior insulation
Heavy duty rubber latches, tie down slots
Solid internal hinges

Integrated fish measurement on lid

Rubber Foot Pods
Built-in bottle openers

Wheels for easy transportation

Spare parts available

Roller Wheels 90L/120L/140L

5-year Factory warranty


Tentco Extreme Coolers Capacity: 20L
External dimensions: 20L L58 X 33W X 35H
Internal dimensions: L45 X 20W X 23H
Weight: 8.5kg

Tentco Extreme Coolers Capacity: 40L
External dimensions: L61 X 43W X 43H
Internal dimensions: L61 X 43W X 43H
Weight: 11kg

Tentco Extreme Coolers Capacity: 60L
External dimensions: L80 X 43W X 44H
Internal dimensions: L67 X 30W X 31H
Weight: 13.5kg

Tentco Extreme Coolers -Capacity: 90L
External dimensions: L90 X 49W X 49H
Internal dimensions: L75.5 X 35W X 36H
Weight: 20.5kg



Tentco Extreme Coolers -Capacity: 120L

Volume 120L
 size:115cm x 53.5cm x 49cm 

Tentco Extreme Coolers -Capacity: 140L

Volume: 140L
size: 90cm x 58.5cm x 57cm

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