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Portable, compact, durable and reliable tire care and repair system that’s your go-to for any outdoor excursion. Cleverly housed by a powder coated, up- armoured, military grade ammo can that’s tough as nails. Airing up has never been easier.

Heavy Duty Dual Action Compressor and Tyre Inflator in an Ammo Box


1 x Ammo Box

1 x Heavy Duty Air Compressor

2 x Nozzle Adaptors

1 x Sports Needle

2.5-meter Power Cord with Battery Clamps

1 x 6-meter Nylon Hose with Quick Connector and 150PSI Gauge


-  Volt: 12V

- Watt: 540W

- Cylinder: 62mm

- Max Pressure: 150psi

- Max Air flow: 180lpm

- Max rated current: 45A

- Auto reset thermal protection

- Cooling-Cast alloy cooling fins

- Overload protection (Activates at 105ºC)

- High quality on/Off switch with indicator lamp

- 6-months warranty

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