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Manual ignition, freestanding stove.

Stainless Steel Cooking Top

Safety Control Knobs

Fully variable flame control

Enamelled oven (81 Litres) with Chromed Grid & Bake Burner

Weight: 40.2Kg

Height: W770 x D500 x H820

Oven size: (H) 30 x (W) 63 x (D) 45cm

Gas Type: LP Gas only

Regulator Low-pressure type 2.8KPA flow rate 1 KG/HR

1 Year warranty

No Flame Failure Device – stove may not be installed (ie gas cylinder may not be in cupboard next to stove or outside the building). Stove & gas cylinder must be entirely freestanding & gas cylinder must be approx 300mm from the stove

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