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·         Durable for under covered patio

·         100% polyester

·         Dustproof with more heat resistant than Nylon

·         Wrinkle resistant, Quick drying, light-weight, smooth.

·         This is a softer canvas Material

·         Strong, resistant to stretching and shrinking, resistant to most chemicals, crisp and resilient wet or dry, abrasion resistant.

·         Easily washed, mildew resistant, UV resistant

·         For under covered patio

·          Cover guaranteed for 6 months (Material Defects)


Jetski-1             Weather Resistant Jet-Ski Cover Blue 2-Seater (Medium) 3150x1600x900mm      

JETSKI-2          Weather Resistant Jet-Ski Cover Blue 3-Seater (Large) 3400x1600x900mm