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The Bestway Hydro-Force Pro Raft Set is the perfect raft to take with you to your favourite lake or river. This raft is built for comfort with comfortable inflatable cushions, nylon safety-grab ropes and a high-pressure inflatable floor.

Why not take your fishing rods with? The Hydro-Force Pro Raft features integrated fishing rod-holders perfect for your next fishing trip.

·        Extra strength, 3 ply reinforced vinyl

·        Quick inflation/deflation screw valves

·        Omni-direction oarlocks

·        Integrated fishing rod-holders

·        Nylon safety-grab ropes

·        Comfortable inflatable cushions

·        High-pressure inflatable floor

Number of users

2+1 man

Max. load capacity



270 x 142 x 46cm 


·        Raft

·        152cm aluminium oars

·        40cm Air Hammer inflation pump

·        Heavy-duty repair patch


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