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This Best way Hydro-Force Voyager boat is made from heavy grade PVC designed to stand up to the stresses of UV degradation, abrasion pollutants and sticking it on the beach. This boat features integrated fishing rod holders, inflatable cushions, storage bag, Omni-directional oarlocks, safety-grab ropes and motor mount grommets. The Voyager is capable of supporting 2 adults and 1 child with a maximum load capacity of 253 kg and an outboard motor of up to 1.4hp. Great for exploring lakes or on fishing trips. Includes a pair of aluminium oars.

·        Deflated size: 3.61m x 1.65m (142” x 65”)

·        Inflated size: 3.48m x 1.41m (137” x 56”)

·        Quick inflation/deflation screw valves

·        Durable, pre-tested PVC material

·        360° grab rope with built-in grommets

·        Convenient storage space

·        Inflatable floor & seat cushions for extra comfort

·        Heavy-duty handles

·        Mounted fishing rod holders 

·        Includes two1.45m sectional aluminium oars 

·        Heavy-duty repair patch included

·        Contents: One boat, one pair of oars, repair patch

·        Motor mount grommets (motor and mount not included)

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