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The Bestway Inflatable Raft - Hydro-Force X2 (2 Person) includes 3 air chambers for protection and an inflatable seat and flooring for convenience and rigidity. This raft will ship a comfy trip to your favourite lake or small river.

What's in the box:
x 1 Force raft
- 3 Air chambers construction 
- Quick inflation and deflation screw valves
- All around grab rope with built-in grommets 
- Inflatable floor for extra comfort 
- Heavy duty handle 
- Sturdy oarlocks 
- Oar clasps 
- Inflatable seat 
- Tow ring 
- Maximum power: 1,0Kw
- Heavy-duty repair patch
- Colour: Blue
- Material: PVC vinyl
- Dimensions: 255 x 110cm
- Weight: 6.57kg
- Warranty: 6 Months

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