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Seagull 2.7m classic solar patio umbrella with energy-efficient lighting. If you're looking to add a little light and ambience to your next outdoor gathering, the Seagull 2.7m Lighted Patio Umbrella is a beautiful solution. Turn the crank to open the canopy and reveal the 24 LED lights powered by the solar panel located on the top of the umbrella. Turn on the lights with the easy-to-use switch to enchant any outdoor living area. You can also tilt the canopy to the best angle for optimal sun protection.

- Material: Steel and Polyester
- Colour: Navy
- Open Size: 270cm Diameter
- Dimensions: 145 x 15 x 15cm
- Weight: 4.3kg
- Warranty: 12 Months








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x 1 Umbrella
x 1 Canopy
x 1 Pole
x 24 LED lights
x 1 Assembly Parts

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