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Bestway - 4.27m Steel Pro MAX Frame Pool Set

Easy to assemble and very affordable, with strong, steel frame, you get a lot of pool for your money with a Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool.


- Aboveground swimming pool kit with TriTech Material/Drain Valve/Corrosion resistant steel frames

- Installation usually takes approximately 20 minutes with 2-3 people excluding earthworks and filling.

- Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3 -No tools required

- Dimensions-Capacities 90%: 10,220L/2,700gal

- Long life span resistance

- Flow clear Filter Pump

- Pump's water flow rate (pump capacity): 2,006 L/h (530 gal./h)

- Integrated pool system water flow rate (system flow rate): 1,817 L/h (480 gal./h)


- Material: Vinyl

- Suitable to use with: Pool cover-58248

- Colour: Blue

- Dimensions: 427 x 84cm

- Weight: 35kg

- Warranty: 12 Months on pump & 6 months on the liner

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