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·        Doors/Lids: 1

·        Total Capacity (L) 230

·        Total Capacity (Cuft.) 8.12

·        Freezer Capacity: (L) 230

·        Basket/Shelves Supplied: 0

·        Hot Zone Appliance (+43°C): YES

·        Temperate Zone Appliance (+32°C): YES

·        Colour Options: White

·        Energy Sources: Illuminating Paraffin or Kerosene (Electric function optional)

·        Tank Capacity: (L) 11

·        Power Consumption / 24hr period (approx): Paraffin (L) 1

·          Wattage (W) 360W


·        Boxed Dimensions: (H) 980mm x (W) 1400mm x (D) 750mm

·        Unboxed Dimensions: (H) 960mm x (W) 1330mm x (D) 710mm

·        Weight (Kg’s) – boxed 105kg

* PLEASE NOTE: Paraffin Freezers are made to order ONLY. Orders must be paid for in advance  

  and will take approximately 6 weeks to complete.


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