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Total Capacity (L) 160

Basket/Shelves Supplied 1

Gas Thermostat NO (Optional)

Electric Thermostat NO (Optional)

Hot Zone Appliance (+43°C) YES

Energy Sources - LPGas & Mains Electric

Colour Options White

Power Consumption / 24hr period (approx.)

LPG(g) 700g

Electric (kWh) 7

Wattage (W) 320W

Fitment of a thermostat will reduce amount of gas and electricity used)


Boxed Dimensions (mm) (H) 900mm x (W) 860mm x (D) 760mm

Unboxed Dimensions (mm) (H) 890mm x (W) 830mm x (D) 700mm

Weight (Kg’s) - boxed 60kg

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