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Synthetic grass is the trusted alternative to lush, stunning gardens for homes and businesses. It’s not just about the convenience of having the best lawn instantly and without the hassle, it’s also about the affordability and extra green factor: you save on a significant portion of your water bill and you help save water. (GOING GREEN)

Product Features

For indoor and outdoor use

Perfect for small gardens, balconies and small playgrounds

Low maintenance

Easy to install

Used for golf greens, displays and patios

Sizes Available

·       SG10-1.5m- 1,5m x 2m artificial grass roll 10mm- R289,00 P/ROLL      

·       SG10-3m- 3m x 2m artificial grass roll 10mm-R549,00 P/ROLL                  

·       SG-10- 25m x 2m artificial grass roll 10mm-  R4000 (25MX2) 80M2                     

Pile height: 10mm* Stitches/m: 250 * Gauge: 3/8" * Dtex: 2200 gram * Backing: 1 layer * Coating: Latex                              

  * 2-year warranty

**Installation is not included in this deal**


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