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New to the South African market our 16lt natural draft, constant temperature unit. It requires no mains power and irrespective of Eskom will supply 16-5lt/min water at a CONSTANT TEMPERATURE. The units are aluminium painted.

Usage: Suitable for Full bathrooms with hand-basin(s), shower(s), and a full bath. Gas geysers save you money, with low operating cost (According to ESKOM you can save up to 40% of the normal electricity cost for households, per month. Touch button temperature control. Does not run off a forced fan, so does not rely on electricity)

• 84% energy efficiency

• Gas efficient - reduces gas consumption according to flow demand

• Anti-freeze function

• Start-up/ geyser function can also operate on low water pressure

• Requires no electricity - flame ignition and geyser function are battery operated

• Compatible with mixer taps

• Flame failure safety device

TYPE D: For outdoor use under a cover

Max Gas Pressure: 2.8kPa

Rated Input: 32 Kw

Max Gas Consumption:2.3 Kg / hour

Water Pressure:25-500 kPa

Water Output (min/max): 4L - 16L / min

Unit Size: 740 x 420 x 210 mm

Unit Weight: 13.2 Kg

Packaged Size: 865 x 485 x 270 mm

Packaged Weight: 15.5 Kg

Gas Type: LPG

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