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Now your hot water can run efficiently off low pressure and restricted municipal water supplies. The low-pressure geyser is the perfect solution for your off the grid locations as they can run off stand tanks (rain tanks). The geyser regulates itself to the water pressure so your hot water won't be interrupted.
This gas geyser comes with a 1year factory warrantee. Installation and servicing of the appliance may only be carried out by a registered gas installer.
Operates from one-meter to a fifty-meter head of water pressure. Can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Needs a flu. Flow range from 12lt to 3lt/min. Flow control tap on cold water supply. Allows addition of cold water. Water flow sensor no diaphragm to freeze. Automatic start, runs on two torch batteries. Has adjustable pressure relief valve/frain stem. Anti-corrosive aluminium coated. Type B = installation both indoor and outdoor, indoor according to SANS 10087.1

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