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LCD size: 49x16mm
MAX display: 1999
Low battery indication: yes
Overload protection: yes
Diode test: yes
Continuity buzzer test: yes
Data hold: yes
Backlight: yes
Power supply: one 9V 6F22 battery
Product size: 130x73x37mm
Product weight: about146g
Standard accessories: meter (with battery), holster, test lead, thermocouple, manual

Technology features
DCV: 200m-2000m-20-200-500V                       ±0.5%
ACV: 200-500V                                                        ±1.0%
DCA: 2000u-20m-200m-10A                               ±1.8%
Resistance: 200-2000-20K-200K-20MΩ          ±1.0%
Temperature: -20°C~1000°C/-40°F~1832°F    ±2.0% 

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