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  • Roll-about heater -Piezo Ignition-Oxygen depletion sensor with flame failure protection device
  • 3 Adjustable heat settings-Fits all industrial 9kg cylinder valves
  • Energy saving-Regulator and hose (In accordance with SANS 1539, SANS 1237, SANS 1156)
  • LPGSASA approved-2-year guarantee
  • Appliance category: LPG 2.8kPa
  • Heat Input: Minimum: 1.5kW, Medium: 2.8kW, Maximum: 4.1kW
  • Gas Consumption: Minimum: 110g/hr, Medium: 200g/hr, Maximum: 290g/hr
    • This appliance uses the following jets:   3 x 0.58mm main burner Jets-  1 x 0.18mm pilot Jet
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