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Equally at home and at the camping site, in the garden, on a patio or small balcony, the Carri Chef 2 is an easy to build, easy to clean - simple to stow braai. The powerful round stainless steel burner with piezo ignition offers finely adjustable temperature control ensuring consistent results on the grill. Lid off for grilling, lid on for in direct oven-type cooking. The dome lid has a sensitive temperature gauge which allows you to oven roast, smoke meats, steam or bake with absolute confidence.
- Nylon plastic heat-resistant handle-- Stainless steel heat deflector on dome
- Porcelain enamel dome-- Porcelain enamel-coated fat pan- Nylon screw-on leg clamps
- Nylon dome lid splash back support-- Anodized aluminium legs-- Plastic condiment tray
- 2 years limited warranty
Cooking System:
- Porcelain- enamel bowl and lid with central air outlet for a balanced air outflow
- Automatic piezo ignition- Cooking top has heat diffuser for even heat distribution
- 13.2cm large burner with variable heat setting-Cooking Sizes (Diameter)
- 46cm (BBQ Top)- (Nickel plated Pot Stand)- 48.6cm (skottel Top)
Surfaces Included:
- BBQ Top-- Skottel Top-- Pot Stand
Optional Accessories:- Paella Pan- Pizza Stone

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