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The LK's biltong maker is manufactured from high quality, 430-grade stainless steel, to provide you with many years of making the finest pieces of biltong and droëwors. The perfect machine for any biltong lover.
Stainless steel biltong maker-430-grade stainless steel-3mm transparent Perspex front panel-4 x rubber protective feet-High-quality Xpelair electric fan-Includes 4 x hanging rods with 40 hooks-Delivered Assembled-Easy and safe to use-Manufactured in South Africa-Perfect for making biltong and droëwors

Specifications:Dimensions: 64cm x 55cm x 32cm-Weight: 10.70kg

Care Instructions:

·         Add a few drops of mild dish soap to warm water 

·         Dip a soft cloth into the soapy water and squeeze out excess water

·         Wipe the in- and outside of your biltong maker with the damp cloth

·         Dry thoroughly with a soft dry cloth or paper towels

·         Do not use any solvent or abrasive cleaning products

·         Do not use any hard cloths or sponges

·         Do not let any water into the electric fan

Warranty Info
This product comes with a 1-year warranty.


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