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Volumetric Size 45 Lt. Volume – 40 Lt. Inside Volume

Model - Finish : STAINLESS STEEL

Wattage (W) : 130W

Power consumption / 24h : Gas - 400g (approx)

 : Elec - 0.13 Kwh

Energy sources : LP Gas

 : 220 Volt

: 12 Volt

Performance : -12ËšC @ +32ËšC

Product Information : Electric Thermostat (220 Volt)

 : Gas Thermostat (Optional)

: Ignitor

: Gas Safety Valve

: Metal Lock & Catch

: Metal Carry Handles

: Metal Hinges

: Absorption unit covered

: Gas Hose & Regulator

Warranty : 3 Year (South Africa Only)

Packaged dimensions : 525mm (H) x 685mm (W) x 560mm (D)

Physical dimensions : 495mm (H) x 655mm (W) x 530mm (D)

Weight : 28kg


- They must stand on a 100% level surface.

- If you are going to a place to camp there for 3 weeks, it's the best solution.

- They work very well on Gas, 220v and 12v.

- Keep the wind off the flame if running on gas. - Check 2 or 3 times a day to see if the flame is still going.

- They run about 29/30?C below ambient. If the temperature is 20?, that is fine. (FREEZER TEMPERATURE).

- If it is 42?C, it’s no longer a freezer, it’s a cooler box.

-All these freezers are manufactured to order in SA so take 10-14 WORKING DAYS.

- The 12v option is convenient for travelling time between your home and your destination.

- These units work off a cooling system and do not have a compressor.

 - Approved by The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association of SA.

- They also come standard with an electric thermostat (can be used as a fridge or freezer on 220v) and additional  charge of R400 if wanting to fit an additional gas thermostat (otherwise will run as a freezer only on gas).


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