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Fruit-Ice Maker

Turn your over-ripe Fruit into a delicious healthy dessert. All those over-ripe Fruit is now turned into a delicious and creamy treat that looks and tastes like soft serve ice cream.

Would you like a mineral and vitamin intake boost, improved athletic performance or shed those unwanted kilos, now with our Fruit-Ice Cream Maker your everyday fruit is the answer you are looking for. Fruit is a healthy choice for everyone, young and old. 

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz

Watt: 150w


165mm x 325mm x 320mm

Packing Dimensions: 

380mm x 280mm x 270mm

N.W: 4.0Kg

G.W: 5.0Kg

Motor Speed: 80rpm

12 Months Warranty




1.     Clean, peel, deseed and cut the fruit into pieces to fit into the Charging Barrel.

2.     Place fruit pieces in a freezer below -18?? for at least 24 hours.

3.     Place the Grinding Screw into the Charging Barrel and push to the end.

4.     Tighten the Discharge Barrel and Charging Barrel (use left-hand to hold the Discharge Barrel with the discharging hole facing the operator and turn down).

5.     Install the assembled grinding system onto the main body.

6.     Install the decorative part onto the Charging Barrel.

7.     Install the Feeding Tray on top of the Charging Barrel.

8.     Place the bowl under the discharge hole.

9.     Plug in and switch to On position.

10.   Insert the frozen pieces of fruit into the Charging Barrel.

11.   Gently push the fruit through the feeding hole using the pushing rod provided.

12.   Switch to Off position and disconnect from power supply after use.


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