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Making money can be fun and profitable with a Candy Floss machine. The Candy Floss machine is a business on its own and can generate a steady income whether you sell them at festivals, school, fleamarkets etc. Make Money quick and easy with low input capital. You could even rent out these machines for an extra income. The machines come with a large 720mm stainless steel bowl and a pink coloured body. We have a table model and a cart model available.

Power Supply: 220Volt /50hz  
Power Consumption: 1.03kw  
Dimensions: 950mm x 520mm x 890mm  
Packing Dimensions: 570mm x 540mm x 540mm  
N.W: 20kg  
G.W: 22kg  
Yield: 1/30sec  
12 Months Warranty

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