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·         Variable speed high-powered fan. Delivers a large volume of cool air at a low velocity to ignite coals fast without blowing ash all            over.

·         Flexible Stainless Steel Neck. Allows you to position the BBQ Dragon to provide air where you want it.

·         Heavy Duty Clamp. Clamps on just about any braai, works anywhere you need to start a fi­re.

·         Micro-USB Port. Recharge the optional NiMh batteries using your existing home and car chargers.

·         No Blowing – BBQ Dragon does the work for you.

·         Healthier – Cuts down on lighter ‑fluid and chemicals

·         Supercharge – Ready to cook charcoal in 10 mins

·         Convenient – Hands free and Heat Resistant

·         Suitable for us with Braais, Wood Stoves, Ceramic Cookers, Camp Fires, Fireplaces, Bon Fires and Smokers

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