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Natural homeopathic remedy for infant reflux. Soothes reflux in babies, improves feeding comfort & supports digestive health.

FluxSoothe Benefits:

Quickly soothes infant reflux (GERD).  Safe & effective homeopathic remedy.  No unwanted side effects.  Especially formulated for babies.  Promotes digestive health.  Easy to administer - simply sprinkle on the tongue!  Also see our homeopathic ColicCalmer - helps to soothe infant colic and reduce cramping, helping baby to sleep peacefully after feeds!

What are FluxSoothe Sprinkles?

FluxSoothe Sprinkles have been especially formulated for babies and small children with acid reflux or GERD. This natural remedy combines specially selected 100% homeopathic ingredients and homeopathic tissue salts known to settle tiny tummies and prevent the regurgitation of milk and food into the oesophagus and mouth. This remedy will also calm your baby naturally and prevent digestive distress, making feeding times much easier. Best of all, with a settled tummy full of food or milk that stays there, your baby will sleep more comfortably and for longer!  


FluxSoothe Sprinkles combine 100% homeopathic and homeopathic tissue salt ingredients in a baby safe formulation. They contain no alcohol, animal products, gluten, artificial preservatives, flavours, or colorants and are Vegan friendly.

Each dose contains equal parts of

• Nat phos (D6) - in tissue salt potency - is well known as a biochemical antacid, acid neutraliser and acid/alkaline balancer. It is recommended by Margaret Roberts (Tissue Salts for Healthy Living) for acid reflux, heartburn and dyspepsia as well as for any other condition involving acid in the stomach or the system in general.

• Mag. phos (D6) - in tissue salt potency - is an effective and gentle homeopathic painkiller and is often recommended to safely treat cramping pain. It is suitable for all age groups including small babies.

• Calc  sulph. (D6) - in tissue salt potency - is an effective blood cleanser and remedy for burning indigestion

• Aethusa (30C) - is a homeopathic remedy that is often prescribed for babies with a milk intolerance and who tend to vomit frequently after feeding

• Phosphorus (30C) - is a very well respected homeopathic remedy with a wide variety of applications. It is used in this remedy for its beneficial effect on the digestive system and its ability to treat heartburn, burning pains in the stomach and vomiting.

• Sucrose (inactive ingredient)

How do I use FluxSoothe Sprinkles?

FluxSoothe Sprinkles are presented in fine, sucrose granules that dissolve easily on the tongue making this remedy very easy to administer to babies.

Directions: Sprinkle a small pinch on the baby’s tongue just before feeding. Repeat when baby is finished feeding.  Dosage may be repeated every 20 minutes for up to 10 doses if necessary.

Caution: If symptoms persist or worsen, a health care professional should be consulted. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children.

Note: If infant reflux is accompanied by colic, our Colic Calmer may be safely used together with FluxSoothe Sprinkles:


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