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The OZtrail Outback Comforter -5C Queen Size Sleeping Bag is a part of the OZtrail Journey Series! The Journey Series consists of hooded and camper style bags that are specifically designed to suit the needs of a touring traveler. The superior Exo-herm Xr insulation fill caters to a range of temperature ratings! The OZtrail Outback Comforter -5C Queen Size Sleeping Bag provides you with a comfortable and warm sleeping bag that is designed to fit snuggly onto a queen camping mattress. This excellent sleeping bag has a flannel cotton lining, an all-cotton outer cover and 300gsm polyester filling that is quilted in position to ensure you have even distribution and warmth. The filling has two offset layers which trap warm air and removes cold spots. It also features rugged and secure auto-lock full-length zips to ensure easy access to the bag with an Eziglide guard to prevent the zip from snagging.

-Nice warm feeling when you jump in.

-So Easy - Fitted valance pockets to ensure a snug & secure fit to your mattress.

-Hard wearing 100% cotton outer shell.

-Warranty Limited (24 months).

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