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Highspeed Recharge, 1,500 Charging Cycles, Massive Output 1000W (even jump start vehicles), Roller-board Case, Low discharge rate (just 1-2% per month).


- Single-phase, pure sine output power unit, with a built-in, large capacity, battery inverter

- Powered by Lithium-Ion batteries, which are more stable, have a higher energy density, voltage capacity, and lower discharge rate than other rechargeable batteries

- The integrated inverter uses the Lithium-Ion battery to supply 220V alternating current (AC), while simultaneously being able to supply 12V and 5V DC.

- If there is no 220V AC power to charge from, The Qualiix PowaBox can be charged by means of a 12V car socket (included) or by deploying solar panels (not included).

- Portable, rugged and splashproof

- Run 1000W of 220V appliances for +/-1 hour or 500W of 220V appliances for +/-2 hours or 250W worth of appliances for +/-4 hours

- Overload protection (unit switches off in case of an overload of appliances)

- Detailed screen to show watt usage


- Rated output power: 1000W

- Input method: Single-phase three-wire (zero / live wire + ground): SA plug

- Rated voltage: 220VAC

- Rated frequency: 50Hz/60HZ

NOTE: Your PowaBox is equipped with high-speed cooling fans. When the temperature inside the inverter exceeds a pre-set limit, the cooling fans automatically turn on to cool the inverter. When the temperature reduces, the fans turn off. Each time you use the PowaBox, check to see that nothing is blocking or obstructing the fan’s air intake/outlet holes.

WARRANTY: The company (POWABOX) provides a free 12-month warranty service: any transportation costs will be borne by the user. Please keep the machine serial number and the dealer’s sales receipt in a safe and accessible place and complete the online warranty registration.

N/B- If the PowaBox is not used for a long time, it is recommended that the unit be charged every 3 months.

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