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Manufactured from 2.0mm 430 Stainless Steel with brushed finish. This is a Man’s Kitchen in the outdoors!

The smoker braai is perfect for making a potjie, rotisserie chicken, leg of lamb, pizza making, baking bread, braai and so much more!!


- 3 x Zinc Clear Plated Grids - 490mm x 460mm.

- 2 x drip tray pans.

- Rotisserie motor shaft and prong set.

- 1X Bracket for Rotisserie motor.

- 4-off Castor wheels with breaks.

- 3-Thermo meters.

- 1-off Flue pipe Dia 125.


- Dads Kitchen: 1000mm x 500mm x750mm.

- Weight: (65kg).

- Cooking height: 850mm.


For further information: Call/WhatsApp 0789465327.

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