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  • multiple pot cooking and energy efficiency.
  • This large stove accommodates big pots.
  • Being gas powered means it offers instant heat - saving energy, money and time.
  • The glass surface makes the hob a stylish addition to any kitchen.
  • Highly gas usage efficient.


• Energy & cooking time saving.

• NO of Cooking Zones: 4.

• 2 x Semi-Rapid Burner 1.75kW max, 1 x Auxiliary Burner 1.0kW max, 1 x Wok Burner 3.3kW max.

• P max = 7.8kW.

• Wok burner has very high intense heat, ideal for modern searing and Asian style cooking.

• 2 x Sturdy cast iron pan supports with rubber feet to prevent scratching the glass surface.

• Low gas consumption.

• Black tempered glass 7mm thick.

• Chrome plated control knobs.

• Safety feature: Flame Failure device for each burner.

• Battery operated auto ignition works even during load-shedding.

• 12 Month warranty.

Hose and regulator not included.



• Dimensions: 590 (L) x 510 (W) mm.

• Type of Gas: LPG only.

• Cylinder Size (Recommended): 9kg cylinders.

• Gas Consumption: 567gr/hr at max.

• Rated Pressure: 2.8kPa.

• Weight: 13.4kg.

• Ignition Type: Electric Ignition (PZT) (1x D Battery Powered).

• Works With: 5/8" Bullnose regulator (Sold separately).

• Approved: LPGSASA (In Accordance With: SANS 1539).

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