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The Totai Gas Geyser with Electronic Control ensures you always have hot water & you save electricity. This 20L geyser has an electrical control unit for temperature and water flow.


-Energy saving gas geyser.

- Requires 220V Electrical connection.

-Rated Hot Water Output: 20 L/Min.

-Includes a flu pipe -Flue diameter: 135mm.

-Electrical control unit: Electronic Control for temperature and Water Flow.


-EQUATES TO:48 Kg cylinder could last 150 x 10-minute showers and average about 50 days depending on use.

-Gas Consumption +/- 2.80 kg/hr.

-Start-up Water Pressure: 0.025 MPa.

-Geyser Size 20L.

-Cylinder 48kg or larger.

-Dimensions: 710mm x 210mm x 520mm.

-Weight: 18kg.

-Gas Type: LPG.


-PERFECT FOR 2-3 OUTLET POINTS and produces 20 litres of hot water per minute. The 20l geyser comes with a flu pipe and must be installed with a 3kg/hr regulator & requires an electrical connection.

-Fast heating. As opposed to electric hot water cylinders, gas water heaters work twice as fast. They recover much more quickly than electric models, which means your hot water supply is easily replenished. So, if you have a larger household or high demand for hot water in your home, a gas heater is a better option.

-Lower energy costs. A gas model suffers heat loss from exhaust gases and the walls of the tank, while electric heaters are more energy efficient. However, in terms of energy costs, gas heaters are more affordable to operate since natural gas and propane are significantly cheaper than electricity.

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