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Dovre’s freestanding stoves usually have an anthracite or black lacquered finish.

The enamel versions are explicitly stated. Your stove is not just a heat source, but also a decorative element that fits perfectly into your interior design. The enamelled surface is easy to clean, keeping your stove looking new for years to come!



-Ash tray.

-Side door/Front door.


-Bottom ash tray

-Nominal Performance 9Kw.

-Maximum Performance 11kW.

- Heating Area 252m³.

-Outside Air Connection-Yes.

-Flue Pipe Outlet Size-150mm.

-Flue Pipe Outlet Location-Top/Rear.




-Weight: 190 kg.

-Dimensions (WxHxD) 650 x 760 x 550mm

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