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A relatively small La Braise cast-iron stove. The product features afterburning system on the back plate of the furnace and the adjustment of the afterburning system is made using the control pulley located under the façade of the stove.

Weight 156 kg

Unit Includes: Full cast iron fireplace, ash tray, door and handle.

Nominal Performance -7kW

Maximum Performance - 10kW

Efficiency -70%

Outside Air Connection- No

Open/Closed - Closed Combustion

Flue Pipe Outlet Size - 130mm

Flue Pipe Outlet Location - Top

Dimensions (WxHxD) - 439 x 622 x 350mm

Warranty: The following parts are not covered by the warranty: grates, inner cast iron plates, glass panels, seals, electrical components, chamotte / vermiculite bricks, and other parts liable to wear which come into direct contact with fire. Defects, which are the consequence of incorrect use, overloading, a poor connection, an abnormal draught in the chimney or installation not according to our instructions are not covered by the warranty.

Delivery is not included. Additional delivery costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

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