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We make this heater to safely and stylishly warm you while outdoors. The mesmerising flame tube adds ambience to any outdoor area. Ideal for home & restaurant use.


Glass flame tube, Hammer tone finish, Solid aluminium hood, Variable heat settings

Cabinet for convenient cylinder storage. Ships in one convenient carton.

Flame failure protection device with tilt cut-off switch. Fits all 5/8? Bullnose cylinder valves

Hose & regulator included. For outdoor use only. 12 Month warranty.


Type of Gas Cylinder: LPG. Size (Recommended): All 9kg industrial cylinders. Tube Type: Glass

Gas Consumption: 1091gr/hr @ max. Heat Output: 15kW. Dimensions: 460mm diameter

Weight: 12kg. Height: 2.1m. Approved: LPGSASA.

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