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The Astroline series is the “first” modern line within the Dovre quality stoves. The Astro design was and still is innovative and contemporary, without compromising on functionality.

Unit Includes: Fireplaces, ash tray, door, side glass & pedestal

Nominal Performance - 8kW

Maximum Performance 10kW

Heating Area 224m³

Efficiency 76.4%

Outside Air Connection -Yes

Open/Closed - Closed Combustion

Flue Pipe Outlet Size: 136mm

Flue Pipe Outlet Location- Top/Rear

Colour: Black

Vented- Yes

Fuel- Wood

Weight 145 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD)515 x 1140 x 430mm


•The installer will make sure the flue is of the correct quality and working properly.

•The warranty period begins from the date clearly stated on the purchase invoice

•Damage due to transportation is only covered after it has been reported within 48 hours after receipt and mentioned on the delivery note.

•Duration of warranty:

?5 years for cast iron surround parts that do not come directly into contact with fire

?5 years for enamel finish

?2 years for electronic parts (fan, speed regulator, thermal contact, gas block etc.) and mechanical parts (handles, hinges etc.)

Delivery is not included. Additional delivery costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

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