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For many people, an open fireplace is the cosiest way to keep warm. There is something magical about the atmosphere that a fire creates and will turn your house into a home. These units are effective & economical fuel users and produce heat by way of convection and radiation. These are normally installed into medium to larger areas, like living rooms, lounges and family rooms.

Weight 102 kg

Unit Includes: Fire grate, grid, ash drawer, built-in damper system, natural convection system, insulation material, touch up paint & guarantee certificate.

Heating Area 120m³

Open/Closed    Open

Colour Black

Vented Yes

Fuel Wood/Anthracite

Weight 102 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD)740 x 755 x 475mm


Delivery is not included. Additional delivery costs may apply depending on the delivery address.

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