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Enjoy that great steakhouse taste at home with this durable Table top gas braai.  Whether it be a succulent hamburger or a flame grilled steak, this unit is sure to deliver versatile cooking time after time! This Gas Braai is ideal for use as an insert inside an existing brick braai opening or on top of a ventilated heat resistant top.

TP Table top 3-Burner Gas braai(560(D) X 611(W) X 210mm (H))

Weight 20Kg

430 Stainless Steel


•             Stainless steel Body

•             Stainless steel Burners

•             Stainless steel Grids

•             Stainless steel Drip Tray

•             Basic Colours: Silver, Grey

Fits 9, 14, 19 & 48 kg LPG Cylinders


•             Bullnose regulator 5/8 BSPLH

•             1.5m Gas Pipe

•             Hose clamps

•             1/8 "Male Hose-tail

•             Drip Tray


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