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• Designed for small kitchens, studios, cottages & patios

• Perfect for camping: RVs & Caravans with ventilation

• Non-stick enamel surface

• Oven thermometer

• Double glazed oven door

• Folding lid and handles for portability

• Oven & Burners have a flame failure safety device (FFD)

• Piezo electric ignition

• Oven Tray

NOTE: This appliance must be used in a well-ventilated space

Max Gas Consumption:

  1. Hob 0,074 Kg/ Hour
  2. Oven 0,074 Kg/ Hour

Gas Pressure:2.8 kPa for LPG, Clearance Sides - 18cm/ Back- 16cm/Top - 61cm: Table Surface


Unit Size: 540 x 300 x 460 mm

Packaged Size: 640 x 408 x 536 mm

Unit Weight: 16.5 Kg

Packaged Weight: 18 Kg

Gas Type: LPG


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