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  • Ice Making Capacity:  12KG/24HRS
  • Ice Bin Capacity: 0.85KG
  • Ice Making Water Tank  1.5L
  • Ice Shape: Bullet
  • Ice Size: Large
  • Water Feed Options: Manual
  • Water Saving: Yes, Water Pump Ensures
  • Limited Wastage
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Colour Options: Black, White & Silver

Product Benefits:

You can pause the machine at any time by pressing the start button. The ice is of a white colour with a nice thick

wall. Compact Device, Good Insulation Ensures Limited Melting & Saves Energy. Durable Plastic Housing, Easy to

Use, Just Plug In, Add Water & Enjoy Ice Cold Beverages. Handy Energy Saving Viewing Window, Compression with

Silent Air Cooling. CFC Free High Efficiency Compressor, Easy to Remove Ice Basket. Indicator Light So You Know

Exactly When to Add Water or When to Empty the Ice Bin. Modern Design to Match Any Kitchen, Perfect for

Everyday Use. Energy Saving: Automatic Switch Off When Ice Tray Is Full or Water - Level Is Low

Water Pump Ensures Limited Water Wastage, Thick Ice Wall (±7mm for long lasting ice).


Unboxed Dimensions: (D) 346mm x (W) 262mm x (H) 324mm

Weight (Kg’s) – boxed: 20kg

Weight (Kg’s) – unboxed: 18kg

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