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The high-quality bathroom accessories series Inca, made of heavy plastic, convinces by its high-quality workmanship and the stylish design of each accessory. The bright red colour brings a fresh flair to any bathroom and guest toilet, and sets trendy accents.

The chrome-plated details combined with the striking colour ensure that the swing cover bin Inca is an absolute highlight. Waste can now be conveniently and easily disposed of in the attractive bathroom bin with its capacity of 5 litres.

Due to its smooth surface, the cosmetic bin is particularly easy to clean and therefore hygienic. The swing cover ensures smooth operation but still conceals the contents. The cosmetic bin can be positioned anywhere and is always within easy reach.

WENKO also offers other matching bathroom accessories from the Inca series.

Material: Plastic (ABS)
Colour: Red, Chrome
Dimensions L/H/W: 25,5 cm x 18,5 cm
Net weight: 659 g

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