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• An electric blanket that is different. Traditional electric blankets fit onto your mattress and are not portable or flexible.

• Using smart wire and smarter electronics, the luxurious PURE PLEASURE ELECTRIC OVER BLANKET can be used anywhere there is a plug, providing warmth safely and remaining portable, energy efficient, comfortable and cuddly.

• It is washable too.

• For best results wrap this around your body while sitting watching TV or reading a book.


Features & Benefits

• Cosy flannel fleece material provides superior comfort & warmth

• Super soft luxury finish

• Rapid heat-up

• 6 heat settings with heat level indicator

• Auto switch-off after 3 hours

• Safeguard protection against overheating

• Meets international safety standards

• Easy to use illuminated display on controller

• Machine washable (after removing detachable controller)

• 12 Month warranty

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