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• We want you to be warm and comfortable, no matter where you are in your home or even office.

• This heating pad is designed to fit onto your back and neck, providing safe, portable, energy efficient, comfortable

   and cuddly warmth and relief.

• It is washable too.

Features & Benefits

• Therapeutic, stress and tension relieving

• Cosy fleece material provides superior comfort & warmth

• Comfortable fitting with adjustable elasticated tummy strap and adjustable upper strap

• Rapid heat-up

• 3 heat settings with heat level indicator

• Auto switch-off after 90 minutes

• Safeguard protection against overheating

• Detachable easy-to-use illuminated controller

• Machine washable (after removing controller)

• 12 Month warranty


• Material: 100% Polyester

• Product Measurements: 63 x 42cm

• Control: Single

• Input: 100W

• Voltage: 220 - 240 volts

• Care Instructions: 30°C gentle cycle - remove controller

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