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Herbal energy boost in a bottle! (50 ml)

Increases energy levels and feelings of well being

Improves overall systemic functioning

Increases physical performance and endurance levels without harmful side effects of steroids, caffeine, ephedra, etc (athletes & sports people)

Assists recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME or 'Yuppy Flu'), Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) or other illness

Increases stamina, reduces fatigue and listlessness caused by stress, depression, illness or unhealthy lifestyle.

Causes of fatigue

While we all go through moments of feeling tired and washed out, chronic fatigue seems to be the new '21st Century illness', often linked to high stress levels, environmental pollution, unhealthy diets and fast foods. Despite plentiful food supplies and excellent medical facilities, many people in the Western world do not really know what it is like to feel truly healthy, full of energy and bounce.


Modern Western diets, environmental pollution and the use of alcohol, recreational drugs and prescription medicines all take their toll on liver functioning and on the healthy functioning of all body systems. Fatigue is one of the first signs that the body is being damaged and placed under unhealthy stress.


Fatigue as a symptom may be caused by a variety of factors, including:


Stress and depression

Excessive Candida overgrowth in the digestive tract

Poor immune system functioning and chronic infection


Thyroid and adrenal gland imbalances

Certain illnesses (e.g., ME, heart, liver or kidney disease)

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Overwork and sleep deficiency

Lack of exercise

Circulatory disorders and heart disease

Certain prescription medications (e.g., for heart disease)

Unhealthy diet (excess sugar and wheat)

Excess caffeine

NB: Fatigue is not an illness in itself, but is a symptom of a health or lifestyle problem and an indication that all is not well with body functioning. For this reason, it is important to consult your doctor if you are always tired and lacking in energy.


How can Fatigue Fighter help?

Fatigue Fighter is an all-herbal booster formula to increase energy levels and fight fatigue naturally. Fatigue Fighter is perfect for athletes and sportspeople, as well as for those suffering from fatigue and chronic illness. Combining the powerful effects of Asian and Mediterranean herbal medicine, Fatigue Fighter's Natural Power Booster formula can help you to feel stronger, more energetic and fuller of life.


Now you can give your body the boost it needs with Feelgood Health Fatigue Fighter! Fatigue Fighter is especially formulated to increase energy levels, improve mental and physical performance and beat fatigue. Unlike many other formulae, Fatigue Fighter contains no stimulants or artificial substances and is safe, non-addictive and effective. Fatigue Fighter not only fights fatigue and boosts energy levels, it also improves overall systemic functioning and helps to balance all body systems naturally and without stress.


Whether you are suffering from fatigue or whether you want to boost your performance levels to new heights, Fatigue Fighter all-herbal energy formula is the natural choice!



The 100% natural herbal ingredients of Fatigue Fighter are:


Eleutherococcus senticosis (Siberian Ginseng), Centella asiatica, Olea europea (extract of Olive leaf), Ethanol (natural preservative)

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