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• Stingray has been manufacturing and distributing Seat Covers since 1980, is trusted and requested by name in the marketplace.
• Stingray uses high quality materials and world class construction techniques for durability, style and fit of its seat covers.
• To celebrate our achievements, Stingray brings you our Heritage Seat Cover Set, made with the same high quality materials and precision construction techniques for a stylish seat cover that enhances your vehicles appearance as well as providing seat protection.
• Made in our Cape Town factory with skill and care – proudly supporting local families

• Heritage range designed and made in SA
• Man-made leather with twin-needle cross-stitching – superb detail
• Spandex back and sides ensure a perfect fit
• Velcro self-fastening tongue for neatest finish and tight fit
• Cover flap to ensure neat headrest fitting
• Cleans easily with a damp cloth
• Universal fit – fits most models




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